Primer Spray Dark Zinc, Can 400ml


Cold galvanizing spray, with high zinc content, ideal for a lasting protection against corrosion of most metals. It can be applied on welding points, admits painting and withstands temperatures up to +500ºC. Its application prevents the spread of corrosion from unprotected areas. IMPORTANT NOTE The content of zinc in an aerosol cannot exceed 90% as all zinc sprays have about 9% resin, which is essential to fix the product on the surface to be treated. Common references to percentages above 95% refer to the purity of the zinc used. The most important information is the zinc content in the applied layer, after drying. Standards: DIN 53167 in combination with DIN 50021 - After 400 hours/80 my in salt spray test < 0,5mm DIN 53151 (Cross Cut Test) : Gt 0-1

Brand: TecTane Color: Dark Zinc

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